Oct 13, 2014

Going to pick up someone from railway station and want to know the train location? 139 is definitely there but in this smartphone's age we need a smart solution! NTES app developed by CRIS(Autonomous government organization)  enables you to track, almost real-time, location of a train. All you need to do is punch in the train no. Isn't that amazing?

You're not limited to spotting your train but a whole list of other functions:
  • Live Station
  • Train Schedule
  • Trains between Stations
  • Cancelled Trains
  • Rescheduled Trains
  • Diverted Trains
This app is available on Android and Windows. The app could be improved in many ways- let us know what can be improved in this app? but it is a laudable initiative by Indian Railways to go real time! More power to you Railways!


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